Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Been a While

A little while ago I decided to take a few days off from blogging...


To be honest, I didn't have a lot to share and no one like a boring blog, right?


So, now here I am with a few thoughts. 


...has been difficult.  Not that I haven't had the motivation, but my right foot - which I injured a few years ago - has been acting up big time.  The side, my Achilles; it feels like it's the whole thing.  I've now run three times since the 1/2 marathon - each time, just 3-4 miles.  I'm finally coming to the conclusion that I should probably go see a doctor of some sort.  SO annoying!!!  But I guess I'd rather get it figured out than end up with a boot on it.

that is a sideways thumb. not a thumb up. not a thumb down


The pro about not running so much is that I've been able to go to my favorite workout classes more often.  Circuit training is still my favorite, and I believe, the most effective, but I've been frequenting Bodypump and Turbokick as well.  It feels great to be able to push my muscles to fatigue without worrying about how my legs will carry me through a long run the next day. 


Guess who finally purchased wedding photos????????

Me!!!  Yes it's been 10 months since our wedding and yes, these are the first prints I've ordered for our own home.  What can I say, I don't do well without deadlines .

First things first - notice anything weird about our mantel?


How about now?

These two lovely ladies have been in my home for longer than I'd like to admit.  I saw this frame at World Market one day and knew it was the perfect fit for our living room.  Filling it, however, didn't happen so fast. 

Though I originally wanted a wedding photo that was very subtle like this one...

..the pink tones were just not a fit for our red fireplace.  To the bedroom it will go.

We definitely found a winner though.
We both love this one and are so happy to finally have a piece of our favorite day in our living room!

And now for a change in topic without a good transition.

Turns out Trader Joes finally learned how to read our minds.

 Pre-packaged Kale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why yes, I would like my Kale Cut, Cleaned & Ready to Cook!!
Seriously folks, this is big news.  I love kale and for some reason will let the silly chore of cutting/de-veining it get in the way of my kale chips.  Dumb,  I know, but sometimes I am lazy okay?

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  1. Why have you not posted more on over a month now???? I've been waitin!