Friday, April 29, 2011

New Soltman Family Addition

Let us take a moment to welcome the new addition to our family.

well hello handsome..

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Off Day

What is the best plan o' action for feeling down in the dumps?? Two-a-day!! 

Sometimes - okay most of the time- I am a little OCD about planning my workouts.  It's not that I'm just that motivated; it's actually the opposite.  I find that if I don't research and plan what exactly I'm going to do with my afternoon, I, too easily end up spending it on the couch with the computer in my lap.  Not good. 
Because of these lazy tendancies, I find the best solution is to check out various gym schedules first thing in the morning, leaving me the rest of the day to get pumped about going.

On today's schedule:  Bodypump + Turbokick

I have had a stressful week that hasn't left me feeling that great this am, so a good strength/cardio workout should help.  As one of my fave bloggers, Kath says, "workouts always win." 


Have a good thursday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

It is 8 pm and we have a lot to cover in a short amount of time because i am sleeeeeeepy.  I will start by saying that this was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable weekends I've had in a very long time. 
My after work festivities on Friday started with a 5 mile run at Marymoor.  The perfect 60 degree weather and hill-less path made for a really nice run and it felt so great getting out 'long' run out of the way. 
After showering up, Lucas, Jif & I met up with a couple of his cousins at Cactus where I tried to enjoy a light margarita.  Tequila, lime juice, soda water and just a touch of agave.  Though it was definitely low in calories, it was super bland.  I had everyone at the table try it but we just couldn't figure out what was missing.. Ah well.. better luck next time. 
While the Marg was a fail, their chop salad was not.  I get it every single time we go there- tasty and healthful = WIN.

Saturday started with my favorite workout at 24 and ended at my favorite brewery in Bellingham. 
We not only had the Scotch Ale at our wedding, but Lucas surprised me with my very own Bride sweatshirt as one of his wedding gifts. 
Anywho... it was definitely nice to catch up with my husband and dad over beers and a spinach salad.  Afterward we headed over to Mom's where Lucas promptly went to sleep and mom & daughter chatted over a glass of wine.  I also insisted she try my overnight oatmeal the next morning so we mixed up a batch for pre-church breakfast (because there is obviously pre & post breakfasts on Easter.)
I loved going to the Easter Service with both my husband and mom on Sunday.  We picked up Brian on our way back and then opened Easter baskets & ate brunch.  And yes.  I am 28, married and still get Easter baskets.  If my mom would have hid eggs, I would've searched for those too. 
Because Lucas usually works on Sundays, it was so nice having him up in Bellingham with me. 
I had brought my running gear up in hopes of making a loop around Lake Padden but the fun of fam & food definitely won that battle. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Favorites


1. EOS Chapstick

 I LOVE this little guy.  I have been a fan of EOS shaving cream for some time now, but their chapsticks are winning me over completely.  The Summer Fruit flavor smells like fresh peach, but isn't overwhelming the way some lip balms are.  They're also 100% organic.  I am so over dipping my finger into pots to get moisture in these lips; who needs it.

And if I haven't convinced you.. let Chuck

or John

2.  Vitamix

 Yes, I know this is a repeat.  With the risk of sounding borderline crazy though, I think about this magical machine almost every single day.  I absolutely love smoothies for dinner (don't judge) and every time I take my beat up, missing-the-lid, blender, I sigh with sadness.  It just does not crush ice or mix deliciousness the way this baby does.  Plus, the lid is missing.  One day people, one day.

3.  Lululumon's (gasp) Effortless Tote

For years now, my good friend Jillian has been teasing me about my lack of a weekend bag.  It's actually pretty embarrassing, but more times than I'd like to admit, I've shown up at her house for the night with a Nordstrom Bag full of clothing and accessories.... I dont' know what it was but even though I could shell out the bucks for a new pair of jeans or a pair of shoes, I just could not get into spending the money on a silly looking overnight bag. 
That is until I met this one.  You see, I've also recently been in the market for a gym bag.  I tend to go straight from work to gym more often than I used to and the Lulu shopping bag is getting tired.  This bag is big.  For sure bigger than needed for my gym clothes, but I'll still use it for that purpose, and I can't get enough of all the little pockets inside.  Yay organization!
After my purchase last week I haven't looked back;  I find that sometimes the buys I think about for months or even years end up being the most satisfying.  Now, who wants to plan a weekend trip???? 

4.  Fly Fitness in Carillon Point

Where shall I bring my new gym bag you ask?? Well, most of the time, to 24hr Fitness.  But for a treat every other week or so, I'll definitely be toting him along to Fly.  After following my favorite 24hr instructor over here for a circuit training class, then coming to their FlyTri (20mins of each: running/spin/strength), I'm definitely a little hooked. 
I won't be giving up my cheapo membership at 24 anytime soon, but with the spring and summer days coming up soon, I will be happy to splurge on a couple outdoor classes here each month. 
For anyone who wants to go try one, take a look at the schedule and let me know what you're interested in.  I'd be more than happy to join you and your first time is free!

5.  Kirkland!!

In honor of Earth Day, I'd like to send a little love out to the city I call home.  Ever since living in Redmond while in Jr. High, then moving to Yakima for HS, I swore I would live here some day.  It's the most special city in the World to me for many reasons and I get teary just thinking about them. 
My favorite memories of all time consist of taking short sailing trips from Carillon Point to Moss Bay with the family, where we would get off the boat long enough to walk the pier and grab an ice cream cone, hop back on and sail back.  Such good weekends were had there.  At the age of 13, and to my parents' dismay, I also decided that the Tattoo Parlor at Moss Bay would give me my first tattoo and, although it wasn't my first, I loved walking in there to get my wrist done 10 years later.
Kirkland is where I met my husband.
It is where we had our engagement pictures.
and It's where we will bring our baby some day. 
Happy Earth Day

Monday, April 18, 2011

Running in Shorts

Hello and Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and indulged in a tratsie* or two!
 I know I did!
mini katsup!!

In lieu of our long run this week, Jif and I decided to go shopping and grab happy hour instead.  Something, we happen to think, is almost completely comparable. 
Don't worry though, we were not alone in our decision.  It turns out Cassie had been thinking along the same line, so the three of us met at Bel Square for some shopping before stopping in at the new Munch Bar for dinner and beer. 
Jif and I shared an unpictured Munchburger with sweet potato fries and all three of us decided on the same DELISH SoDo Brown to sip on.  It was SO good!  A very dark beer without the filling feeling of a stout. 
Gotta love local goodness!

We did end up going on our Sunday run; it was just a day late. 

Exciting news though - it was the very first run of the year that I could wear shorts!  At a very sunny 60 degrees, it may not seem like short weather to some, but in true Seattlite fashion I totally embraced it!

I love running in shorts.  I feel like they're so much less restrictive.  Running tights are a close second, but my lulu shorts are most comfortable for sure.     

They are especially fashionable when paired with my compression socks.  Jealous?  Probably.   
I don't wear these every time I run, but my feet and legs had been a bit achey and I definitely think these help with my muscle fatigue.  Who knows, it may just be in my head. :)
Either way, we had a good, hilly "long" (just 4 miles this week) run and I'm oh so excited to keep training in our beautiful shorts weather!!

*Tratsie:  also known as a Treat.  May be a food item, beverage, purse, shoes, or basically anything.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dinner Time Special

 What makes a yum and healthful dinner after Zumba? 

Well, an appetizer to start..

The main course...

and dessert!!

After missing my two favorite Tuesday classes - Bodypump & Spin - there were very few choices left:  Yoga or Zumba.
Now, I love a good yoga class as much as the next wannabe yogi, but I prefer it hot.. as in over 100 degrees.. sadly not something that 24hr Fitness offers. 
So, Zumba it was. 
And I am happy to say that the class tonight, taught by April at Bellevue 24hr, was pretty darn good!  I had fun with more challenging moves than I've seen in the past, and I actually left sweating.
Sweating is, as far as I'm concerned, the true test to whether I worked out or not.  I just don't feel right if I don't. 
The class tonight also offered a great ab workout; no crunches or planks (boo planks), but more similar to the type you would experience in a Turbokick class.  Standing crunches if you will.. and I will!
All in all, a good evening.

And before some of you scoff at my dinner choice, saying that it's not enough for a real meal let me break it down first:

      Seaweed Snack (!):  60 Calories
Roasted Broc:  Broccoli: 100 Calories
                      Olive Oil:  112 Calories/13.5g Fat
          Nutritional Yeast:  45ish Calories/1g Fat/5g Carbs/4g Fiber/8g Protein
            Coconut Butter:  180 Calories/18g Fat/8g Carbs/6g Fiber/ 2g Protein
                                      497 Calories/lots of fat/10g Fiber/10g Protein

A hefty meal for sure.  Too much fat for one meal also, but that darn coconut butter is so hard to put down!!!

Happy Tuesday Friends.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Favorite in singular..only one.

In recognition of tonights' festivities I would like to share with you my one and only favorite today. 

Pete Yorn!!

Let me just tell you a little about Pete.  He is great.  I remember the first time we met... I was at the Gorge with my dad, and a few friends to see Matchbox 20 and Train.  This should tell you how long ago it was...
Anyway, before those bands came out, an unknown singer/songwriter opened for them and took my breathe away...
His name - Pete Yorn.  And I have been seeing his shows ever since, even scheduling a promotional tour around ending in Del Mar for his concert one summer. It's love people. 

Since I am sticking with him for my Friday Favorite, I thought the least I could do is give you 5 pictures.. I mean fair is fair.

 ugh my name is Scarlett, I'm so intellectual but hot at the same time..

Your welcome.  Now go enjoy your Friday.   Pete - I'll be seeing you later.