Monday, November 18, 2013

Baker Cole

man oh man, it has been a LONG time since I've typed out any of my ramblings.  The urge arises every so often, and I've even gone so far as to sign in to Tratsie, but those urges have always ended with me reading back through a few of my old posts, deciding I was silly, and moving on to work on my business site.
Something else I've neglected?  My poor son's baby book.  I used to tease my own mother about how she was so great at keeping my baby memories, but missed the boat almost completely with my younger brother.  She, along with other moms I know, had explained that with your first, you just go crazy, but with the second or third, you loose some steam and are too busy to worry about the little details.  Well dear mom, to say I understand now would be an understatement.  I didn't even wait until the second baby to loose steam; I just waited until month three.  Sorry Bakes.  There were just so many random questions in that damn book that seemed so silly to me and because it really bothered me that there would be spaces not filled in, I pretty much stopped altogether.  Not pretty much; I put it away after month two and have never gone back to retrieve it.
So.  Here I am now, back to my little blog.  I figure one thing I can do to keep memories is to resurrect Tratsie.  This time however, the most special treat of my whole life will be taking over.  Baker Cole Soltman. My miracle, my sidekick, my soul.

Because I'm a photographer and much more interested in capturing moments with my camera than my pen, this will work just fine.  It better... I mean, I can not be the mom to have nothing to show my Baker boy when he's older.  Bad mom..
I have no clue if anyone still subscribes to this and if by chance you do - a warning: the posts to follow will be backing up to the Baker's birth and typing out every detail I can possibly remember (with corresponding photos of course) in hopes to have this little diary for my own personal use down the road, and for Baker's, even further.  I completely understand if it's uninteresting and tmi for most but if you want to follow along, then welcome back friend(s).

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