Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heel Me

Tired of getting pedicures just for the massage, only to walk away disappointed?

Sick of self-myofascial release with the foam roller, and want someone else to do it for you?

Or are you just a fad-loving fool like me who has a new obsession every week?

Have I got the answer for you!!

Chinese-Style Reflexology Foot Massage joints have been popping up all over the place recently and I, for one, am a HUGE fan.
Although, it is honestly not just a foot massage; it's much more comparable to a full body massage that just happens to spend some extra time on those little gems that we use to walk/run/skip.
A little idea of what to expect:
Starting on your face and neck, they then move on to arms and hands - which are probably tired from that darn keyboard at work. Moving on to your legs and ending with the back, you can see why I classify it as a full body massage.
Seriously, so good.
Now, a couple need to knows.

1. It hurts so good.
As most deep tissue massage and attention to scar tissue does.
I'd say 80% of the reflexology is enjoyable. The other 20 hurts but I am completely convinced that it's helping my body, if not performing minor miracles.

2. There will be weirdness.
Please leave your modest intentions at the door. If you do not, they will be taken away the moment the guy sticks a finger in your ear; there's something pretty invasive about that kind of thing. Don't worry though, you will be rewarded for this.

3. Cost is around $25 -
This is an estimate based on our favorite spot in Kirkland.
It is a steal.

I really can't say enough about this experience, especially if you have some tight spots that stretching and rolling just don't seem to be fixing.

Oh, and let me know if you try it - I want to hear stories!

This Is Why I ......



to be able to eat this..

gross? maybe.
delish? obviously
The End.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

I love seeing other friends' or bloggers' favorite lists, so I thought I'd start my own. Perhaps name it Friday Favorites?? Pretty clever, I know.
Because I am a very random person, and this is a very random blog, why stop the "random" theme right?

These are 5 things that I am either coveting or loving right now. As in today.


I have mentioned this tasty little snack on here before, but I would just like to re-iterate how much I love them. I am a little ashamed to say that yesterday I consumed three packs throughout the day. Now, this is not a good thing. Even though each pack is only 30 calories, which is nothing really, I admit to having a problem with eating too much of a good thing.. I mean I just didn't need three packs.. but we're working on that, so don't judge.

I have been a Kombucha fan for quite some time, but have found that these little gems above are a yummy alternative. I'll have to do more research, but I don't believe that they're quite as nutritional as the true Kombucha, but they taste delicious! My favorites are the Coconut and Coconut/Mango. I obviously have a thing for that large and beautiful white nut. Yum!


I should have maybe looked for a better picture of this ring, so you could really see the magnitude of it's awesomeness, but this is it for now. It's a double chain ring by Made Her Think, one of the most inventive jewelers I've ever seen. Both the rings fit on the same finger, one at the usual ring spot, the other above the knuckle. It looks sooo flipping pretty. So delicate, but bad a** at the same time. I have been hinting to the hubs for a while now, but MHT jewelry is no joke on the wallet. Very pricey.


I am definitely not the only one out there who relies on Larabars for a snack at least a couple times a week. It's so cool to me that there's only around 3 ingredients in each bar. My absolute favorite is Cookie Dough because it seriously tastes like it to me. There is nothing better than feeling like you're indulging when you're still being healthy!

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with nail polish. I just have to have it. Chanel is my number one because it goes on so well, most of the colors only needing one coat. These three above are the Spring 2011 line and my lovely husband brought back the Pearl Drop and Peche from Germany for my for Valentine's Day. Poor guy didn't know that it was Black Pearl that I've had my eye on so this weekend we're making a little trip to Nordstrom to snag it up! There's something so fun about having a full set of a collection!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mid-Day Fasion Break

There are some days at work that just scream for a little "oh I so wish i could wear/afford/fit into that" fashion break.

This is one.

I've been more than a little "into" this dress I saw on Christina Ricci for a while now, and I am SOOO excited for Zac Posen's Spring 2011 Collection to start popping up on other stars. Who knows, maybe they already have been, but I'm thinking that it's a true Spring look so it would make sense to me to see them all over the place soon!

Ugh, what I would do to have a reason and the fundage to wear this dress - it embodies all my favorites: nude-ish pink (I don't think that's the technical term), lace galore and frills. There is a reason my wedding dress was lace and my colors were ivory, blush and black.. I just LOVE combos like this.

Can I just tell you that this model up above is seriously considered Plus Size?!?! It makes no sense to me whatsoever! Her name is Crystal Renn and she does not look plus sized to me. Silly fashion types.
And probably my favorite. I am so obsessed (yes I know I use that word a lot) with blue/black fades in fabric right now. There's actually a dress from some award show that I was loving too.. lets see if I can find it.
Please hold.
Found it!
It's Monique Lhuillier so I digress a little, but you get the idea. When I get on these kicks of seeing a trend that I just love, it may or may not be bad news bears. May for my husband, who probably doesn't think I need a dress like this as much as I do; may not for me, who will be a very happy girl if I am able to find one priced reasonably enough to buy. ModCloth here I come...

Any other trends that anyone is in love with right now?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Eats

Happy Valentines Day to all of my friends and family!
My Valentine is in Germany right now so Bella and I are celebrating our human mother/puppy daughter love. Does that sound weird? Whatever, I love her and we are celebrating. Carrots for her, "chocolate" oatmeal for me.
Speaking of which...

I've been a little bit of a rut lately with my eats. It's pretty annoying, but too much of a good thing is still too much :( I need to make a change and add some more variety, but before I do, I thought I'd share a few pics of the foods that have been making me so happy...

First up is my absolute favorite nut butter. I've had a couple friends and fam ask me what the heck I'm talking about so here it is my lovelies.

I use about equal parts of each: raw almonds, unsweetened coconut and unsweetened carob chips. They sell sweetened ones, but trust me, they're sweet enough as it is.

Then just process for a very long time..

Until it looks a little like this!

I should warn you - this is very addicting. Serious. In fact, after my Valentine's treat tonight, I am detoxing from it for a week. Maybe.

Next up is my fave snack, Kale Chips. Well, let me rephrase. My favorite snack ever is Mexican Restaurant tortilla chips, but because my waistline won't let me eat those every day, these are actually a great compromise. Besides, salads get boring and this is a great way to get my greens in. And last but not least, granola. Mmmm so good. With Greek yogurt, yum; on top of oatmeal, so yum. Granola is just darn tasty and I love it. Here are just a few pics to show how simple it is to bake up some granola goodness. I don't really have a specific recipe that I use, but each time I bake it, I'll just google something like "simple granola" then cut down on the honey, and up cinnamon. Another good spice to use? Pumpkin pie spice - great for more of a dessert granola.

A little into my rolled oats - more if you really want that sweet crunch.

I love cinnamon - I'm convinced that it will change my life. Well, it's at least supposed to be pretty good for you. A little nutmeg...And some chopped walnuts for good measure.I baked mine at 350 until golden brown. I think it was around 15 minutes?
My very favorite way to eat granola.
Greek Yogurt
And a Drizzle of Coconut butter
I am hoping that writing this little post will help me mourn the loss of nut butters and oats for a week or so, while I try my best to start incorporating other foods again because, although I know it's not good to eat oats and butters for breakfast and dinner, I kinda sorta have been and it needs to stop!
Does anyone else struggle with food ruts?? It happens to me way too often!