Monday, October 11, 2010

Toasty Trends

As my friends and family are well aware of, I have really been pushing for a late start to fall weather. Although I have nothing against leaves changing color or cute new boots, I did have something against rain and cold for my September 25th nuptials.
Now that my wedding has come and gone with perfect weather, I'm ready to welcome my favorite season with perfect cool-weather coats.

The Timeless Trenchcoat
Burberry usually wins my vote for the best trench. There are, of course, plenty others that are cute and most likely more budget friendly but there's something about the always classic look of their styles mixed with a little something new that gets me every fall .

Military Mayhem
It's not going away people. It seems like the Military look is just getting louder and chic-er.* And although almost every couture designer has one popping up in their collection, I tend to prefer a more quiet military look.
* word may or may not be made-up

Shearling and Fur
As long as Rachel Zoe is a force in fashion, it's my personal opinion that Fur (now usually faux fur) will be too. This trend and I have a love/hate relationship. It looks super cute on some people, but myself - not so much. Leopard prints and the Aviator/Shearling styles are crowding stores again, but I prefer something more like this one. Easy breezy and effortless - also easy to pair with jeans, which is a must since that's all I really wear in the fall and winter months.

Capes & Ponchos
LOVE! Definitely my new obsession.

Capes, Ponchos and Cloaks - The Basics:

* Capes sometimes wrap and usually have holes for your arms to
poke through.

* Ponchos usually just have one hole or slot for your head.

* Cloaks are long.

I'm a big fan of a very black, elegant looking cape as shown by the serious and contemplative model below, though the one I'm obsessing over right now is the Northfield Poncho by Rag & Bone. Stinking cute.

Now, to be honest, I could explain what outerwear I love and why for quite a lot longer than I have, but I will resist. Obviously leather and peacoats are always nice staples, so I need not explain my like for those fellas, and really, these 'trends' aren't spectacularly new, but the little details are always changing. Oh Fall, welcome back.

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