Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turbo Kick Fever

"all I'm asking of you guys tonight is to just throw-up in your mouth a little; that's it.. just a little bit" - Anne, 24hr Turbo Kick instructor extraordinaire.

I had such a good workout last night at Turbo Kick with Anne. I used to go to this class with a different instructor a couple years ago but quickly got very used to it and felt less and less of a good workout after finishing. So I stopped.. on to more intense classes.

That is until I stumbled upon Anne's class Thanksgiving morning. My husband and I had arrived at the gym around 9:30 to get a quick workout in before I worked out my stomach later, but when I realized there was a random class going I quickly decided to join it instead. I soon noticed that it was a Turbo Kick class and thought I'd have an easy little cardio sesh. Boy was I wrong. I worked so hard that morning! Anne taught her class much more quickly than other instructors and made sure to add a lot of muscle-building moves as well. The music was perfect (top 40 all the way) and she had a crazy fun sense of humor.

While deciding my workout for yesterday afternoon I noticed that Anne teaches ever Weds at the 24hr in Kirkland. I will definitely be making her class a priority. At one point during class last night she had us doing fist pump squats to Pauly D's new track.. freaking funny I tell you.

If you're looking for something during the winter to really spice up your workouts, I definitely recommend this class!

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