Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heel Me

Tired of getting pedicures just for the massage, only to walk away disappointed?

Sick of self-myofascial release with the foam roller, and want someone else to do it for you?

Or are you just a fad-loving fool like me who has a new obsession every week?

Have I got the answer for you!!

Chinese-Style Reflexology Foot Massage joints have been popping up all over the place recently and I, for one, am a HUGE fan.
Although, it is honestly not just a foot massage; it's much more comparable to a full body massage that just happens to spend some extra time on those little gems that we use to walk/run/skip.
A little idea of what to expect:
Starting on your face and neck, they then move on to arms and hands - which are probably tired from that darn keyboard at work. Moving on to your legs and ending with the back, you can see why I classify it as a full body massage.
Seriously, so good.
Now, a couple need to knows.

1. It hurts so good.
As most deep tissue massage and attention to scar tissue does.
I'd say 80% of the reflexology is enjoyable. The other 20 hurts but I am completely convinced that it's helping my body, if not performing minor miracles.

2. There will be weirdness.
Please leave your modest intentions at the door. If you do not, they will be taken away the moment the guy sticks a finger in your ear; there's something pretty invasive about that kind of thing. Don't worry though, you will be rewarded for this.

3. Cost is around $25 -
This is an estimate based on our favorite spot in Kirkland.
It is a steal.

I really can't say enough about this experience, especially if you have some tight spots that stretching and rolling just don't seem to be fixing.

Oh, and let me know if you try it - I want to hear stories!

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  1. Oooohhh...I'm intrigued! I will try to find a place close to me in d/t Seattle and let you know my experience. Thanks for the tip! I was always wondering about those places.