Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's Favorites

1. The Wunder Under Pant

Sometimes the greatest feeling is looking into your closet & falling head over heels for an old favorite all over again. That is exactly what happened with my fave leggings of all time - The Wunder Under Pant, from Lululemon. We have been almost inseparable for the past two weeks, with only work and denim getting in the way here and there.
These leggings are so comfortable. They are thicker and tighter than most, which in turn, allows me to feel more confident wearing them as pants.
Oh, ya.. and you can totally work out in them as well!
I'm just going to say it: forget the Groove Pant, these are the IT pants of Lululemon.

2. Mother's Bistro in PDX

Let me just start by saying that I, by no means, fancy myself a foodie. I just don't really care that much. I DO pay loads of attention to what I'm eating, but mostly for nutritional purposes only. I've often thought that I just don't really have a deciphering pallet. And to be honest, I'd much rater spend the money on nail polish or Lulu than a fancy meal. I mean, I'm just going to digest it anyway - Lulu is forever.
This being said, I definitely ate (ha!) my words after visiting Mother's in Portland.
Jacks and I went on a Sex in The City inspired train adventure down to see our girlfriends last weekend and our first stop after reaching PDX was this delightful restaurant. Even though I don't know Portland as well as I would like to, I get the feeling that this place is Portland at its best. Mostly organic, local food and the BEST french press I've had in a long time; I loved catching up with the girls over this brunch. I had an egg-white omelet that even I could tell, was way up there on taste and presentation, and my fellow eaters mmmmm'ed and ahh'ed over their meals as well.
If you're down in the area anytime soon, I'd definitely make a trip to this bistro.

3. The Air Bacara Ballet Flat by Maria Sharapova for Cole Haan
LOVE! My dear friend Dawn works for Nike and recently offered to help a sista out with some Cole Haan dealage. I have been on a search for animal print flats for quite some time now and as most of you know, when I get it in my head, I will not rest until it comes to fruition. I was so close to buying the Tory Burch version, but after trying them on multiple times, found that they were absolutely not worth it - no give - very little comfort; I just could not let myself get them. After Dawn suggested the Air Bacara on her blog, I knew I'd finally found what I was looking for.
This weekend, while in PDX I was able to pick them up and they did not disappoint! So flipping comfortable that it makes me feel silly for having any other types of flats. Thanks Dawn!


What can I say.. I'm just very excited to go to Vegas next month for by bestie's beautiful wedding.
People are sometimes surprised that I heart Vegas so much, but it only takes one sentence to explain my love.
Vegas is the only place I've ever been that I can exercise and drink a beer at the same time.
I haven't really partied hard here, or stayed up till' sunrise, but I have walked up and down that strip, insisting on the stairs rather than escalator, with beer in hand many times. It is blissful.
I also believe that the shops are my idea of a museum. Whateves, judge away. I just do.

5. BCBG - Dress of My Dreams

This dress has no cool name, so I made up my own.
I have been eyeing this dress since months before my own wedding, and now I can finally say that I am the proud proud owner of her. May I also just say that my patience totally paid off because I ended up ordering her on sale!!! Husband - be happy.
She and I will see Vegas soon...
Tell me your favorites of the week people! I need stories!
Happy Friday.


  1. Janine! You have sold me on those stinking leggings. They will be MINE soon. :) And you are right about Mothers... it was DELISH! And I also can not wiat for you VEGAS!! Woo!
    I have a new fav as of yesterday. I went to Sephora looking for my favorite pink lip gloss, and the color is no longer. So the helpful gal had me try the Sephora brand gloss. I LOVE it, and it has blue tinted glitter in it (you cant really see it) that is supposed to make your teeth look whiter!
    AND one more fav of mine to share= I LOVE KINGS OF LEON. Happy Friday.

  2. Yay! I have heard that a tint of blue on the lips will do that - hopefully you are a-okay with copy cats!

  3. My two favorites of the week are a delicious manhattan on Wednesday night after a long day at work and the first season of The Wire, which I enjoyed last night due to re-runs of The Office (not exactly must-see TV).