Thursday, January 20, 2011

My New Friend, Millet

After rushing out of work at exactly 4:30, then a very slow & annoying commute, I made it to my Body Pump class 1 minute late. I hate being late so much that usually this situation would cause me to forgo the class, jumping on an eliptical (booooo) instead, but today I was determined not to loose! I rushed around gathering my weights and mat and took my place in the crowded room.

I feel mean saying this, but January drives me nutso-bananas at the gym. Everyone comes out of the woodwork with their well-meaning NY resolutions, only to give up a month later. Mean I know.. but it's not that I don't wish them well.... I just wish them out of my class.

The great news about going to class tonight was that A. Despite my neighbor inching into my personal space, I had a great strength workout and B. I was finished by 6:30 - enough time to make dinner for my hubs at a reasonable hour. I'm enjoying the different recipes on Clean but it seems to take me forever to cook them, most likely due to the fact that it's my first time cooking each one. Needless to say, it was nice finishing before 8.

Dinner for Lucas (tomorrow's lunch for me) was a millet and kale recipe I found on a health blog.
Although it called for saffron and a few other spices I didn't have, it was easy enough to modify with what we did have.

Warm garlic and olive oil in pan
Add Masala seasoning (or whatever you have!) and 1 Cup Millet
Toast it up a bit
Add in 3 Cups veggie broth and a bunch or so of Kale - I chopped mine up.
Bring to a boil, then simmer and cover for around 15 mins.
Before serving, mix in a handful of chopped walnuts
Good stuff I tell you!
I had to convince Lucas that he didn't need "a protein" with it, but once he wrapped his mind around that part, he enjoyed it a lot, loving the somewhat Indian flavor especially.

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