Monday, January 31, 2011

Eats & Sweets

Happy Monday! Ha, that's the best oxymoron ever, isn't it?? I guess for some people out there, Mondays really are a good thing.. just not for this one right here.

It's probably my own fault because I stay up too late on Sundays, trying to squeeze everything I possibly can out of my weekend, but I prefer to blame it on the weekend itself; how dare it be so short??

Anywho, just thought I'd take a minute or two to upload a few pics. Strangely enough, I'm finding that I absolutely LOVE photographing food. I don't know what it is, it's just such fun times to me. And that means that you, my friends get to look at them; which may cause you to jump to the next blog right now...I understand; my feelings won't be hurt.

For those who are silly like me, here you are.
Friday night was date night which, for us meant the gym. We are weird I know, but because we don't get any days off together anymore (frown face), hitting up the gym on a Friday night is just fine with us!

After the gym it was late and neither of us felt like cooking or going out.

QFC to the rescue!... bag salad and his/hers chips for dinner? sure, why not.

I chose Terra Chips... some of my faves for sure! These guys are so stinking tasty! To make sure I didn't eat the whole bag, I crinkled them on my salad for some crunch instead.

Hers and His, respectively

No Date Night is complete at the Soltman household without a little booze.

Some good quality time together!

Saturday morning Lucas got up for work and I went to my very favorite workout class! I love love love it! If you're in the Seattle area, you should definitely look-up I have been to enough classes/bootcamps/personal trainings to confidently say that Christine Ianni is the best out there right now. Her dedication to learning the the most recent info in exercise science ensures that she'll always come to class armed with something new and body-changing.

After class I was able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast that included oatmeal with almond milk, greek yogurt, almond butter, flax meal, maple syrup, carob chips and coconut. phew that was a loaded breakfast. So very good, but rich enough that even my bottom-less pit of a stomach couldn't finish.

After a wonderful Saturday filled with friends, then an Ikea trip with my favorite woman, I had a tired Monday and was extremely excited to come home and not workout! I was giddy with my extra time! What did I do with it you ask? Well.. not much. I make some of my favorite snack butter which includes carob chips, coconut and almonds, ate a packet of roasted seaweed (my other fave snack), and then sat down to play with pictures while cuddling my Bella girl.

Lucas is working late tonight, so I made my own little dinner. Greek yogurt, blueberries and my snack butter. Yum!

Here's looking forward to Tuesday!

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