Monday, April 18, 2011

Running in Shorts

Hello and Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and indulged in a tratsie* or two!
 I know I did!
mini katsup!!

In lieu of our long run this week, Jif and I decided to go shopping and grab happy hour instead.  Something, we happen to think, is almost completely comparable. 
Don't worry though, we were not alone in our decision.  It turns out Cassie had been thinking along the same line, so the three of us met at Bel Square for some shopping before stopping in at the new Munch Bar for dinner and beer. 
Jif and I shared an unpictured Munchburger with sweet potato fries and all three of us decided on the same DELISH SoDo Brown to sip on.  It was SO good!  A very dark beer without the filling feeling of a stout. 
Gotta love local goodness!

We did end up going on our Sunday run; it was just a day late. 

Exciting news though - it was the very first run of the year that I could wear shorts!  At a very sunny 60 degrees, it may not seem like short weather to some, but in true Seattlite fashion I totally embraced it!

I love running in shorts.  I feel like they're so much less restrictive.  Running tights are a close second, but my lulu shorts are most comfortable for sure.     

They are especially fashionable when paired with my compression socks.  Jealous?  Probably.   
I don't wear these every time I run, but my feet and legs had been a bit achey and I definitely think these help with my muscle fatigue.  Who knows, it may just be in my head. :)
Either way, we had a good, hilly "long" (just 4 miles this week) run and I'm oh so excited to keep training in our beautiful shorts weather!!

*Tratsie:  also known as a Treat.  May be a food item, beverage, purse, shoes, or basically anything.


  1. 3 things:
    1. I just googled "tratsie" to see if it was a real word. :)
    2. Your socks are very Kendra-ish.
    3. I wish I would have been at HH with you 3 cute girls Saturday!

  2. I LOVE my Asics for running :) running shorts always remind me of Threes Company & Suzanne Somers lol