Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Favorite in singular..only one.

In recognition of tonights' festivities I would like to share with you my one and only favorite today. 

Pete Yorn!!

Let me just tell you a little about Pete.  He is great.  I remember the first time we met... I was at the Gorge with my dad, and a few friends to see Matchbox 20 and Train.  This should tell you how long ago it was...
Anyway, before those bands came out, an unknown singer/songwriter opened for them and took my breathe away...
His name - Pete Yorn.  And I have been seeing his shows ever since, even scheduling a promotional tour around ending in Del Mar for his concert one summer. It's love people. 

Since I am sticking with him for my Friday Favorite, I thought the least I could do is give you 5 pictures.. I mean fair is fair.

 ugh my name is Scarlett, I'm so intellectual but hot at the same time..

Your welcome.  Now go enjoy your Friday.   Pete - I'll be seeing you later.


  1. JEALOUS! Why didnt I get the memo on this one? This COULD HAVE been a J-J-J date, no? I LOVE pete Yorn. He is hot. Oh, and so is Scarlett.

  2. I would have said yes to his marriage proposal, but Adam asked me first.