Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Favorites


1. EOS Chapstick

 I LOVE this little guy.  I have been a fan of EOS shaving cream for some time now, but their chapsticks are winning me over completely.  The Summer Fruit flavor smells like fresh peach, but isn't overwhelming the way some lip balms are.  They're also 100% organic.  I am so over dipping my finger into pots to get moisture in these lips; who needs it.

And if I haven't convinced you.. let Chuck

or John

2.  Vitamix

 Yes, I know this is a repeat.  With the risk of sounding borderline crazy though, I think about this magical machine almost every single day.  I absolutely love smoothies for dinner (don't judge) and every time I take my beat up, missing-the-lid, blender, I sigh with sadness.  It just does not crush ice or mix deliciousness the way this baby does.  Plus, the lid is missing.  One day people, one day.

3.  Lululumon's (gasp) Effortless Tote

For years now, my good friend Jillian has been teasing me about my lack of a weekend bag.  It's actually pretty embarrassing, but more times than I'd like to admit, I've shown up at her house for the night with a Nordstrom Bag full of clothing and accessories.... I dont' know what it was but even though I could shell out the bucks for a new pair of jeans or a pair of shoes, I just could not get into spending the money on a silly looking overnight bag. 
That is until I met this one.  You see, I've also recently been in the market for a gym bag.  I tend to go straight from work to gym more often than I used to and the Lulu shopping bag is getting tired.  This bag is big.  For sure bigger than needed for my gym clothes, but I'll still use it for that purpose, and I can't get enough of all the little pockets inside.  Yay organization!
After my purchase last week I haven't looked back;  I find that sometimes the buys I think about for months or even years end up being the most satisfying.  Now, who wants to plan a weekend trip???? 

4.  Fly Fitness in Carillon Point

Where shall I bring my new gym bag you ask?? Well, most of the time, to 24hr Fitness.  But for a treat every other week or so, I'll definitely be toting him along to Fly.  After following my favorite 24hr instructor over here for a circuit training class, then coming to their FlyTri (20mins of each: running/spin/strength), I'm definitely a little hooked. 
I won't be giving up my cheapo membership at 24 anytime soon, but with the spring and summer days coming up soon, I will be happy to splurge on a couple outdoor classes here each month. 
For anyone who wants to go try one, take a look at the schedule and let me know what you're interested in.  I'd be more than happy to join you and your first time is free!

5.  Kirkland!!

In honor of Earth Day, I'd like to send a little love out to the city I call home.  Ever since living in Redmond while in Jr. High, then moving to Yakima for HS, I swore I would live here some day.  It's the most special city in the World to me for many reasons and I get teary just thinking about them. 
My favorite memories of all time consist of taking short sailing trips from Carillon Point to Moss Bay with the family, where we would get off the boat long enough to walk the pier and grab an ice cream cone, hop back on and sail back.  Such good weekends were had there.  At the age of 13, and to my parents' dismay, I also decided that the Tattoo Parlor at Moss Bay would give me my first tattoo and, although it wasn't my first, I loved walking in there to get my wrist done 10 years later.
Kirkland is where I met my husband.
It is where we had our engagement pictures.
and It's where we will bring our baby some day. 
Happy Earth Day


  1. I was just about to post the exact same thing as Jackie. I LOVE Chuck!

  2. I love love love my Eos lip balm, it never gets lost in my purse & its so cute, & yes I love Chuck too, I also think they're pocket lotion is uber cute :)

  3. I meant *their duh! (Writing this after 3 cocktails is not a good idea)

  4. Dani! I love the comments! makes a girl feel loved :) Now I must find this lotion!