Monday, May 9, 2011

Running = Love + Hate

Training for a 1/2 marathon is, in some ways, very strange.  This may be considered "oversharing" but oh well.  I've never been one to shy away from details.
You see some days when I have a specific run planned, I think about it all day. Not for the whole day; but sporadically throughout.  Here is how it usually plays out:

5:30am:  Alarm.  I set it at this time almost daily in case i miraculously wake up one morning wanting to go on a short run.  It hasn't happened yet.. but I'm pretty sure The Secret says I just need to keep thinking about it....
5:31am: Snooze; sleep is far more important for health than an early morning run. Obvi.
6:00am: Alarm goes off again; snooze.
6:10am: Alarm goes off again; actually get up.
6:15am: Shower; where my first thought of run shows up.  Excited. I'm going to rock this run tonight.
7:00am: en route to work; man I can't wait until this day is over so I can go run.  It's going to be nice out and I definitely know what I should wear.
11:00am:  Hungry already; talk myself into waiting until noon for lunch.
11:45am: Pretty much close enough - go eat.
12:00noon: I hate it when I finish lunch before 12.
12:15pm:  I'm pretty sure I just ate the perfect lunch to fuel me for my run.  Pretty excited.
1:00pm:  why do the afternoons go by so much more slowly than the mornings???
2:00pm:  I'm pretty tired.  This is kinda a long run for me.  Should I get a pedicure instead??
3:00pm:  Email Jillian; we decide that we need pedi's after our run.
3:01pm:  Pedicure after run is perfect motivation. Excited to rock it.
3:30pm:  I don't know; I'm pretty tired.  Maybe Jiffy will just want to get a pedi instead.
4:00pm:  Jif has not emailed to ask if we can forgo run for pedi.
4:30pm:  Time to go!  New energy.  I'm going to rock this run.
5:30pm:  At home; mapping our run to ensure the perfect training/new scenery option.
6:00pm:  Jillian is home; time to run.  Sheesh. I kinda just wish we were getting a pedi instead.
7:15pm:  Finished the most magnificent hill run yet.  Gym to Juanita = long slow hills most of the way.  It hurt so good and not only did we get our training run in, we ran a great fat blaster and am feeling svelte and bikini ready.  Love running.  Running changed my life.
7:30:  Pedicures are amaaaazing!!

There it is.  That is the real, uninhibited truth.  I am crazy I know.  I take solice in the hope that most runners are a little bit obsessive.  If I am wrong, please don't burst my bubble. 


  1. LOL, double love. Only wish I lived closer.... bunkbeds??? :)