Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two-a-Days, Smoothie Dinners & a Nail Polish Vote

First of all, lets just take a moment to thank the sun for coming out today.  Such a nice surprise!  And after working through a headache at a stressful day of work, it was just the motivation I needed for a Two-a Day One-and-a-half-Day.  Now that I'm completely addicted to my classes and running, I rarely use the eliptical at the gym anymore.  Today though, it was the perfect excuse to snatch up a gossip mag and hit the gym a bit early.  It's been a long time since my workout has started with a magazine, but any evening that starts with comparing the "now" vs "then" backside  of Kim K. is a good one in my book. 
After a half hour of cardio, I joined Cass and Jiff in Bodypump. 
Warning:  tangant
I have to admit that after my frist Bodypump class back in January(?), I was not impressed.  After the circuit training classes I had been attending (at the time) twice a week with Christine, I left feeling like I needed more.  I am a little obsessed with sweating and because my face was, for the most part dry, it just wasn't good enough.  After a few months though, I'm starting to change my tune a bit. 
1. My body has definitely changed.. not in the smaller, Tracy Anderson way, but my butt has definitely lifted and my arms now show more definition that I've ever had. 
2.  I find that by adding more weight, I can break a little more of a sweat.  It's still not comparable to the other classes, but it's a great way to measure advancement and I love that!

Ok, done.

After Bodypump Dinner

Protein Smoothie with Spinach..

Seriously, it was so so good.  The husband can't get over how it looks, but after one bite, you'll forget.
BP Smoothie:
Almond Milk
2 LARGE handfuls of spinach
Protein powder
Powdered vitamins
1 Cup frozen bluberries
1 tablespoon rolled oats (bulk it up baby!)
1 Teaspoon unsweetened cocao powder

on top - coconut butter + cha cha chia seeds

convinced?  no?  come over and I will make you one.

And now..........


I am going to Vegas next week and before packing can begin, my manicure needs to be chosen.  Obviously, right?
So each night this week I am going to be testing different colors out and YOU should help me decide which to pick!  So *fun right?   

Here is our first option:

 pink sparkles!

Pros: Any glitter polish stays on well; maybe forever
Cons: It's not exactly a neutral color; therefore may not match many outfits.

Thanks Friends!

*in this case "fun" may = "dorky"


  1. Thanks! I'm pretty sure Vegas = Sparkle :)

  2. I love the sparkles too! And I think I may take you up on trying a smoothy from the new machine. Soon? :)