Monday, March 21, 2011

Food, Flowers & Bridal Showers

Although I am quite impressed with myself for the rhyme I created with the title above, I'm sorry to admit that this post will fall short. After two hours of editing photos, I am only halfway through and my eyelids are threatening closure.

This being said, I am determined to make use of my clever rhyme, so fun weekend part 1 it is. Starting from the last half- Sunday. Why? Because in a moment that I, at the time, recognized as genius, decided to start editing with the photos that would end up last on my post.. it is just too annoying for me to organize them after they've been uploaded.

I digress..

Short story: I am tired - cannot write full post right now - will give you Saturday evening & Sunday - Saturday morning to come later.

Let me first just tell you how amazing Saturday's weather was. Super duper sunny and not a gust of wind - my favorite! After a fun bridal shower in the morning, I cleaned up and hopped on the road to Bellingham.

First up - Dinner with Dad & Brian

Dad's Beet Ravioli

Brian's Mac n' Cheese

Not pictured: my Cesar salad
From what the guys told me, my salad was probably the best part of our meal. Both said their pastas were bland and boring. My salad was great though! I love it when restaurants do dressing perfectly and it definitely was :)

Next up: See Dad's new condo.

Oh, I mean the view from the condo.. I just realized that I took no actual pictures of the condo itself.

I'm sure you can see why I may have gotten distracted though...

Is it a Hawk? Is it an Eagle?? It's a Heagle!!!

Walk to the beach? Sure.


Let me go mom! I want to play!!

Why can't we play fetch with this one?????

More to come!


  1. Where did your dad buy a condo? Looks like Fairhaven. Beautiful view. I do see why you got distracted!

  2. He's living up by the airport... i had never been in the area before

  3. Wow - it's so rare to spot a heagle in Bellingham!!