Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

Hip Hip Horrraaaaay for Friday!  This weekend is going to be one of my very favorites, I can just tell.  After a sore neck and a weird couple of weeks, I'm looking forward to working out, catching up on sleep and Sunday Funday!  This Sunday Funday will most likely consist of running, shopping for Vegas (!!!!!!!!) and sipping on a cocktail or two (no beer for me - sad.) 
But enough about me... here are the Friday Faves

1.  Something Borrowed (& Something Blue!)

For those gals out there who have not had the pleasure of reading Emily Giffin, let me just tell you; you are missingg out.  Big time.  She is my very favorite author.  I don't care if it is Chick Lit - it's darn good writing.
My favorite novels of hers are Something Borrowed and Something Blue.  They are so genius; both stories taking place at the same time - but different points of view.  So good. 
Did I just read this book? no.  Did it just come out?? no.  So why is it in my favorites list now??

Well, it's becoming a movie!!!!!!!

Thanks to my dear friend Cass, I am now in the know and I, for one can not wait.  Most people I know scoff at books - turned - movies.  "Blech, it just didn't have the detail of the novel,"  or "I can't believe they cast her to play that part - so wrong!"  
Yeah... I don't think that way.  I am not that critical.  I love books and I love movies.  I don't need the adaption to be perfect or have every detail.  I only ask to be entertained... and with the cast line-up I am 100% positive that I will be.  Cass is doubting it, but I happen to think they chose perfectly!

 add to the picture above Josh Krasinski... um yes please.  I haven't seen him in anything that I don't like.
Anyways.. if you haven't read the books, do so.  That way we can all have Sunday Funday at the movies soon!

2.  Gray Betsey Pumps
I am a silly girl.  I found these shoes the other day (on sale!) to go with my Vegas dress and knew immediately that they were perfection.  Dark gray - check.  Rouching - check.  Comfort - well they don't look bad...
I was so excited and proud of myself that I quickly placed them in my Nordstrom Online Shopping Cart and kept browsing for other good finds.. I mean when you're on a roll, you're on a roll - it cannot be broken. 
Days after ordering I started to get super excited.  Then another day passed and I grew anxious to receive my perfect package.  Then another day, and another.  Where were these damn shoes?!  This was not like Nordstrom to disappoint me, I thought.  What could have happened??
After waiting over two weeks, I had finally had it.. I jumped back on to my account and started swearing at myself.  There they were, sitting pretty in my shopping cart.  In the midst of patting myself on the back and
bargain hunting, I had forgotten to actually BUY them!!!  The worst part?  There is now no more gray 7.5 available. 
Some days I'm in awe of my bargain shop skills - other days I am in awe of my ineptitude. 
If anyone happens upon these little cuties on another site please let a sista know!  My Vegas dress will not be the same without them :(

3. & 4.   New Sephora Collection Skin Care

 Before being discontinued, my favorite moisturizer was a rich lotion by Sephora.  It was fragrance free, a must for this sensitive face, and it kept me feeling hydrated throughout the day.  Sadly one day, about 6 months ago, I learned that they had discontinued they're whole line.  It was sad.  I tried a few other, more expensive brands, but they all either didn't hydrate enough, caused redness, or made me break out. 
Then, last time I was in Sephora the cashier plopped a few samples of a new lotion into my bag.  I returned home to see that it was very reminiscent of the pink-lettered lotion I used to love.  Turns out they only pulled their line so they could re-vamp it, making it better than ever! 
Yesterday, I was so excited to see a little package in the mail.  1. because I had actually remembered to PLACE THE ORDER.. and 2. because not only do I have my favorite lotion back, but I'm also trying out their mask/exfoliator.  I've only used it once, but so far, so good.  I love that it's a-okay for sensitive skin - i.e. - not too rough, and that it leaves my skin feeling moisturized, not stripped.  Here's hoping for a long & beautiful relationship this time around!

5.  The Vita Mix
Best Blender In The World - nuff said. 
wish-list worthy for sure.

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