Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

Okay, so I have been a bad blogger this week.. and last. I will get back on the ball next week - pinky swear.

Until then, here is a few of my favorite things from this week:

1. Jake G

Hello Handsome.

Although Jake has been on my forever favorite list since our first meeting on Donnie Darko, he's recently fallen off due to disappointing me with his choices in romance (ahem, Taylor.) With a little time and forgiveness though, I've started to come around again.
How exactly has he been winning me back? I'm glad you asked...
First of all, when I saw him bring Jenny Lewis to the Grammy's, it definitely brought a smile to my face; I heart her and happen to think that they would make the best indie couple of all time.

Also, while browsing Perez & eating breakfast I just happened upon the cover of the new GQ, where he mentions that he's not only a runner, but actually practices Barefoot running. Very impressive.

Thankfully, for both of us I'm sure, he is very close to redeeming himself, thus making it on my top 5 list this week.
If only he knew what an honor that is...

2. Beer

I LOVE good beer. Yum. So yum. In fact, whithin the past few months, Lucas and I have started to enjoy it with dinner throughout the week, instead of the usual wine. I'm very hesitant to say that I'm "obsessed" with good beer because of the obvious association it would create with having an alcohol problem, but I will fully admit to craving the flavor of my favorite winter beers pretty darn often. Too often? Maybe. Not because of the alcohol - since we would usually have a glass of wine with dinner anyway, but because of the calories and yeast.

So, after a wonderful date day with my husband this past Sunday, in which we enjoyed a few different flavors of this lovely stuff, I have decided to give it up for Lent. I'm not Catholic, but I love the idea of mindfully sacrificing something I'm used to in my (almost) daily life. I usually pick sweets or chocolate, but if I'm being truthful with myself, this year that just wouldn't be much of a sacrifice; I really don't indulge in desserts or chocolate very often anymore.
Beer it is - I will miss you Mac & Jacks

3. Cinebarre!

So fun! If you live in the Seattle area, Cinebarre is a must. Movie + food + beer (after lent of course) = WINNER!
The best part about this theater is that it's full-sized, showing new releases, not just older films like other Eat & Watch places.
So great.

4. Starbucks Via

Buying a pack of French Roast Via was the best decision I've made all week! So much less expensive than getting a mid-day coffee from Starbucks. Plus, it's stinking good! Way better than I thought an instant coffee would be. Please excuse me while I give myself a good pat on the back for this one.

5. My HusbandI thought it only appropriate to include my main squeeze in this week's Friday's Favorites.
A. He took me to a great show on Weds (pics to come)
B. It's only fair since I included Jake as well.
C. He's been asking to be included since I started picking favorite things.

The wonderful thing about Lucas vs. Jake is that Lucas actually realizes how cool it is to be in my top 5. Love him.

Happy Friday.


  1. I love JAKE! I love Lucas too. :) We share many favs my friend.

  2. You've just made Lucas a happy man :)