Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

1. Wedge Sandals I am LOVING all the wedges this Spring! I've been a huge fan for years, whether they've been in style or not, so this year - to have so many cute choices- is just so great. They have what I like to call the C2 factor = Comfort + Cuteness (I just made that up, feel free to use it in your daily lives.)

2. Walking
Although I should be gearing up for running season and the Rock n' Roll half marathon, I just haven't been. Now that lighter days are here and warmer weather, I will eventually get into gear, but I'm a firm believer in listening to your body and right now, that's meant walking. I've been loving long, hilly walks with the Bella girl in tow & chatting with friends. Just makes me happy.
3. Bagel Thins

I'm going to be honest. My oatmeal has been getting a little outta control lately. So many add-ins, so many flavors; one bowl ends up at 500+ calories, easily. And when I'm not doing the running to support that kind of intake, I must scale back. Enter the Bagel Thin.. So delish!!
I love bagels, and used to scoop out the insides to save on unnecessary carbs, but Bagel Thins basically do the work for me. At 110 calories, it's easy to add some nut butter and call breakfast good with a calorie count of under 400 for sure. Don't worry though, once training is under way, overnight oats will return to the spotlight.

4. Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil
SOOOOOOO great! So great. These little pencils of amazingness are the perfect alternative to my usual clear lip gloss. With just a little color-within-the-lines action, I get a sheer color on my lips that lasts and looks glossy. It's crazy, and it's totally awesome.

5. Essie's Nice is Nice
Spring is here, and that means Summer 2011 nail colors are making their debut... but I am just not ready for them.. too bright and bold for my liking. I say we stay in the now and stick with the cute, muted spring colors. I'm loving this light lavender by Essie. Essie is by far one of my favorite polishes; goes on so well and lasts for week if you're willing to put the base/top coat effort in. Love it, love spring, love Fridays!!
Over and out boy scout.


  1. I am in love with that nail color! Might *need* that. And for sure going to have to check out the Nars pencil.

  2. I have been wanting to try the bagel thins. Glad it's been approved! :) Happy Friday - see you tomorrow.