Friday, March 25, 2011

Sickie McSickerson

After a bright, sunny day at work, I was ants-in-my-pants excited to come home & run with Jif. The little 4 mile loop around our condo is perfect for an after work run.  Hilly, but familiar, it's ideal for a social run.  She and I had even started emailing about how excited we were during work.. it was pretty exciting.

The moment... I repeat - moment, I arrived home, it started to rain.  And not just normal Seattle rain, where I would happily jump into my rain gear & head out....

usual running in the rain get-up
  so flattering, I know.

Oh, you couldn't tell how good I look?? How about now...
pure fashion.

no.. this was not just a sprinkle.. it was pouring!  Ugh. At about this time, Jif walked and after we both decided that the weather was stupid, we parted ways and I headed to the gym instead. 
We'll try again tomorrow..

During all the rain/ run/ gym talk there was a husband who had come home early from work due to not feeling so well.  And like most (all?) men, he definitely needed some TLC.  His one last wish??
Macaroni & Cheese with hot dogs.. box-style...

Done and done. 

A few roasted carrots on the side to sweeten the deal.

And now, a movie with my two lovies. 

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