Sunday, June 5, 2011

9 Miles!

Jif and I just returned from Bellingham after a 9 (!!!) mile run with Dad. 
 It was completely worth the drive up & back just to run a new route on the water.  Although the run was definitely tough for our little team, the sunny 70 degree weather more than made up for it.

Before the run though, some serious business needed to be handled..
A new Boundary Bay sweatshirt!!!

 The Dad

 After-run brunch was extra special today!  The trio made our way to The Daisy Cafe, where my brother works.
Anytime anyone in our family eats there, we insist on sitting at the bar, where we can watch Brian work.  I'm pretty darn sure he loves it..
(the one on the right)

All in all, a great Bellingham day.  This run reminded us that we can actually complete the 1/2; something I think all of us were a little worried about.
Bring it on Rock n' Roll... we're (almost) ready!!

please don't mind the comb-over in most of these photographs


  1. Seriously! 9 miles? I can't believe I ever ran a 1/2, I did 4.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday and that's all I have in me.


  2. That's because treadmills suck!