Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mid-Week Meltdown

I'm not really having a meltdown; I just couldn't think of another title.

I am suffering from a case of the mid-week blahs though.  If there are any runners out there reading this (one of my many many readers) please let me know if this happens to you.  I feel like I was so darn prepared for the half marathon, but then it just kind of came & went.  SO much fun the day of - and afterward during our brunch & beer time- but now, just.. blah. 
Enough of the blahs though; how about a random little recap of the last week's eats & treats tratsies.

First up - The Rock & Roll 1/2

Jif's Mom & two sisters were sweet enough to drive over from Yakima to cheer us on.  So, along with them and our fellow runners, Mandi & Dad, we had a condo full of people for our pre-run dinner.

However random, it was such a great group of people to spend the evening with.  Along with good food and good wine, there were good stories and a lot of laughter.

The Chef:

Jillian!  Not only does she cook people; she runs too. 

The next day we ran!

Dad, myself and Jillian
It was such a pretty morning for a run.  We learned a huge lesson though - people lie about their timing waves.  Since we are relatively slow runners at 10min/miles, we put ourselves toward the end of the waves.  Big mistake.  For the first 5 miles of the race we were weaving in and out of walkers and runners much slower than us.  Makes sense then, why my knee and foot started to hurt pretty badly around mile 8.  Oh well , lesson learned.
Other than that, the run was great.  Pretty and very flat, it was a good course for beginners. 

Most of you know what comes next...

which Jillian dominated

And next on the Saturday agenda, something we've been talking about for quite some time....


Jillian, Mandi, Janae and I all got the same.  Birds of a feather flock together..  Cheesy?  Yes.  Super special day with my best friends?  Absolutely! 

Not to be outdone, another favorite joined the party..

Miss Jackie likes birds too!

 I know I've told you how great I am at weekends, but this one topped the charts for sure.  

Especially because it ended with this:

Love him!


Well friends, it is now 11:00pm and I need sleep more than I need to finish this blog post.  I'm pretty sure it's getting to be a little obnoxiously long anyway.

Part two of Eats & Treats Tratsies to come tomorrow.

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