Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekends Are Fun

*disclaimer:  long and choppy post ahead. please do not judge.  i am tired.  thank you

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I don't want to brag, but mine may have been better...

Saturday was full of productive errands and the evening was full of fun.  My husband and I had a rare date night at the Seattle Sounders match. 

Though I'll happily attend any live sports game/match/whatever if it includes friends and beer, soccer is a sport that I actually enjoy watching.  In fact, I only had a couple sips of my brew then handed it over to the hubs.  I know... weird.
Hopefully there are many more games in our future.

Sunday Funday started with a run around Lake Union.  Originally we were going to add a few miles into Fremont to make it a clean 9 but decided the 6+ was good enough.  Mostly flat, it was an extremely nice run with a lot to look at on the way.  I think most people prefer to run on trails when possible, but when I'm exploring a cute area I love to run the sidewalks.  Sure you have to weave through a few people and duck a few branches, but for me it's worth the extra entertainment.
It was such a pretty day out for a run.  Sometimes I just can't believe how beautiful our area is!

After our run we walked through the Fremont Market..
i like to pretend to be the Statue of Liberty whenever possible

.. then met up with a couple lovely ladies for lunch..

and beer..

We opted for Brouwer's in Fremont since we ended our run at Gasworks Park.
They have such an eclectic selection of beers.  I chose a Black IPA from Portland's Deschutes - very good.

What is there to do after filling yourself up on good food and great beer other than visit a chocolate factory??
Theo Chocolate was right down the block and offers an unlimited amount of samples to those who may wander in.  And wander we did.  Jackie found the original Milk Chocolate to be her favorite, while I was a little attached to the Curry Coconut.  Oh my gosh, so good.
If you are in the Seattle area and haven't been to Theo's yet, GO!  The staff is so friendly and welcoming & the chocolate can't be beat.
I came home with a can of Coco Nibs.  100% coco pieces that will be (what I think) the perfect smoothie topping.. more on that later.

Once full of food, beer & chocolate I was determined to find a brew that I had tried at Munch a couple months earlier.  Though I was convinced it was from "The Fremont Brewery," it turns out I was completely wrong.  SoDo Brown is from Two Beers Brewing Co. - almost the same name...
The best part of this story is that while we were on the hunt for this place guess what we found????

Turns out there is a Fremont Brewing Co.!  One reason why I love Seattle.... walk a block and you're bound to run into another Starbucks Micro-Brewery!
Because it was obviously meant to be, we decided to stop by.

 And we were so glad we did!  This place is the cutest.  Family & dog friendly with an open, get to know your neighbor kinda vibe.   

Though they had dog food ready for their furry visitors, this guy preferred the beer
pugs like beer too!

I know what you're thinking... these girls are really good at Sunday Fundays.  And yes, we are. 
I am oh, so happy that Summer seems to be here to stay now..well Seattle style I guess.  Anyway, it's good enough for me!  Walking around my favorite neighborhood reminds me how lucky I am to live in such an amazing place. 

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