Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthdays & Barbeques

Happy Tuesday Friends

I hope the beginning of the week is finding everyone well.  Monday brought along quite the cold and I've been struggling a bit, but am definitely still enjoying the new job. 

Tuesday's blog post brings past weekend's photos. 

Saturday night was my great friend Annie's birthday.  She decided on Tangletown's Elysian Brewery for her get-together which brought nothing but high-fives from the Soltman/Hicks family.  The three of us share a special love for the beers that come from The Elysain and Annie sure knows how to pick a fun group! Saturday birthdays are the best!! It's so much fun to celebrate with someone on their special day.

The Birthday Girl & Her Special Man

After a late late night and an early Bellingham run, it was time for a BBQ!  And gracing us with their company???
The Selbys!

 Jif was on burger duty
while the rest of us were on watermelon duty
 Our first adult beverage with the Vitamix!
Pina Colada anyone??
 Boys and their BBQs

 We think Bella developed a little crush.  She was snuggled on Corey's lap all night.
The best two maids of honor a girl could ask for!

I absolutely love the festivities our Seattle Sun brings with it and can't wait for more BBQ + Pina Colada evenings!

And now, a sudafed and smoothie dinner... wish me luck for speedy cold relief!

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