Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's a New Day

And a new day means a new job for this girl!  After a long weekend off that included my trip to Vegas sandwiched between two days relaxing, I drove the 20 mins (!!!!!!) to Bellevue where my new position awaited me.  I think in some ways it was almost harder having yesterday off; maybe a little too much time to be nervous?  Even so, as soon as I arrived the nerves left and I settled in rather quickly.  Warm office with friendly faces and flowers on my desk - such a sweet surprise. 

After work - our first run after Vegas (part II).  Not easy.  Very difficult.

At least the girls made us feel better

 and so did dinner..
strawberry, leek & arugula quesadillas

 ...and the wine

 but the night couldn't end without some doggy ear bathing.  These two are such entertainment :)

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