Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Been Casserole - Lazy Style

I'm starting to realize that I've been in a bit of a slump lately with my veggie consumption. This happens every once in a while, mostly because I get pretty lazy with greens. I absolutely love salads from restaurants, but whenever I make salads of my own, they never measure up. For me, it's just one of those meals that automatically tastes better when someone else makes it for me. The solution, I've found, is to cook vegetables differently, instead of going for my usual spinach salad.
So, while at Trader Joes tonight, their samples gave me my answer- green bean casserole. Their sample of it was delicious but obviously packed with butter so I decided to just grab the ingredients and improvise when I returned home.
I looked on the web for a bit to see if there was a good healthy recipe that I had all the ingredients for, but there wasn't - I never seem to have all the ingredients for anything due to my poor grocery shopping skills. So I had two choices.. jump back in the car or just try to make it anyway...obviously I chose the latter, grabbing from a few different ones to come up with my own. It actually turned out pretty well... at least satisfying my hunger and helping my green quota.

Here's what I used (so easy breezy)

2 cans of green beans

1 carton of TJ's cream of mushroom soup

1 Cup water

Crumbled goat cheese

Crunchy TJ onion pieces (the splurge)

Preheat oven to 350 - I always forget to do this first and it drives me nuts!

I mixed the beans, soup and water together, put it in the dish then added the cheese.. I used goat cheese 1. because I had it, and 2. because I knew it would add a lot of flavor. Oh, and I have no clue how much I used.. just enough.

I sprinkled the crunchy onion stuff on the top, then baked it for about 25 minutes.

This was the result

It doesn't look very pretty but it is honestly delish. I love love the crunchy onion things though.. and next time will not snack so much on them while waiting for dinner to cook.

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  1. This is Adam's favorite dish. He requests it all of the time. YUM!