Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Run and You Learn..

This last week I signed myself up for the Seattle Rock n' Roll half marathon. I've run one before, about a year ago now, but I am just as nervous this time around. The race isn't until June but I had to sign up early because last year it sold out before I knew it. Registering for a run like this so early has it's pros and cons. Pro being that I have a whole 7 months to train.. the con being that I have 7 months to train! Sometimes when a goal is so far out there, I become less motivated, thinking something along the lines of "oh, I'll just start next week."

Well, I've decided that this won't be the case this time around. A couple girlfriends and I are already lining up other long runs, the 12K's of Christmas for example, so that we will be ahead on our training and in tip-top running shape by June. I'm convinced that this is a good idea for me especially, because taking training so slowly will hopefully lead to less possibility for injury, which I'm definitely prone to.
Now, by far the best part about training is the clothing and gadgets... quite possibly one of the major reasons for the start to my running hobby in the first place.
I am, like most women my age, a big fan of Lululemon. But pants and cute jackets aside, it's my opinion that one of the things they do best is accessories. In fact I become a little bit OCD about them before runs. As in, I feel that I probably won't be able to run even 10 feet without the propper running socks. Weird?? Maybe, but I've found that most runners have a similar complex. These are definitely great ones. They have just a little extra cushion around pressure points, but are mostly thin and support my feet well.
The other thing Lulu does well are gloves. I've tried a few different brands of cold weather running gloves, but these are by far my favorite. The aren't bulky, they have a little gel bad on the thumbs for grip -which comes in handy with ipods or grabbing cash out of your pocket - and they have pockets.. something the brand is known for putting in as many products as possible, which I love. Last year during our November 1/2 marathon, Jillian and I were able to keep our Gu in there, something that came in handy for sure. I could honestly go on and on about all my favorite running gear, but I'll try to end it here. One thing I do find helpful to ensure I don't overspend at lulu is to set specific shopping goals. Once we are up to 5 mile runs, I'm allowed to get a new pair of gloves, 7 miles, a new hat perhaps, and 10 miles a new jacket or pair of pants.. it works well for me and really controls what could otherwise become a very expensive habbit.
The other thing I LOVE???
I don't always follow it, but it's a fun gadget, and while reading one of my favorite blogs http://www.peanutbutterrunner.com/ this morning, I was reminded of it! So fun.

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