Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday = ???

I am sore today. Very sore; especially in the shoulders. All the upward facing dogs, to downward to high plank then chaturangas made damn well sure I would be. I was definitely not ready for what 75 minutes of hot power vinyasa was going to give me, and Gaga made only a very small dent in the ouch factor.
I don't know whether it was the two months since my last class or my recent habit of one or two glasses of wine a night, but every time I came into downward dog it felt as if a bag of rocks was rolling down to the top of my head. It hurt. Thankfully this didn't start until the middle of class, so I improvised by just kneeling while others were in the usually relaxing posture.

There's a weird thing that happens with yoga though; while normally, with other forms of exercise, this type of pain would deter me from coming back, the pain or nausea felt in yoga just makes me want to do it again the next day... it's strange, but I know the yogis out there understand.

I say that, but I won't actually go again today... instead I will continue with my week-long group exercise adventure and choose a completely different class for tonight.
I'm having a difficult time choosing though and because I can't get a friend to go with me tonight, I'm feeling pretty unmotivated.. I will continue though! I just have to choose between two classes offered at my gym.
Here are the two being pondered:

1. Turbo Kick - a choreographed cardio class. Pro: really good ab workout Con: not very challenging.

2. Zumba - also choreographed cardio. Pro: I've never actually done it before and I love dancing. Con: people get REALLY into it at my gym and I don't know how I feel about that.

What do you think? Which should I do?

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  1. ZUMBA! It sounds so funny when Micole and Kelsey tell me about the people in that class. :)