Monday, November 29, 2010

Family, Fun & Glitter

After our computer continuously tried to undermine my blogging efforts last night by shutting down in the middle of my picture uploads, I cursed it and decided to sleep instead. I now cautiously sit down in front of our other crazy comp to try once again. I WILL share my weekend with you, damnit.

After an amazing Turbo kick class at the gym in the am, Lucas and I hurriedly got ready for Thanksgiving with his fam in Olympia. Although traffic was annoying to say the least, a warm house and cold beer made me feel much better and ready for a great evening.

Bella loves it there and has so much fun running around a real backyard. For some reason, running up and down condo stairs isn't the same to her.

As many know, she is OBSESSED with balls and will try her very best to make anything into something she can play fetch with. We had a good laugh as we watched her try to play fetch with the siding that was in their yard. For the life of her, she could not figure out why it wasn't working. Pretty sure she is nuts.

My brother in law Keith.

I made the family "HOLD!" right before prayer so I could capture the dinner table. They probably loved it.

My first try at Gluten free baking - Pecan Pie It actually ended up being less of a Fail than originally thought.. although there will be many more attempts in my future, as my Mother in law and new brother are both Gluten Free now.

Bella actually fell asleep like this... and we wonder why acts so entitled all the time.. hmm

Wonderful ending to a wonderful dinner.. custard with pumpkin butter! I may or may not have eaten the whole thing..

Since Lucas had to work the next day, we drove back that night and I left to go see the Farrow fam in Bellingham Friday morning. My mom and I spent time hanging out downtown and doing some lazy Black Friday shopping, then came home to watch a movie...

Bella loves her Grandma.

Saturday brought more shopping.. weird, then dinner at my Dad's with the broham. Brian just loves it when I go camera happy.

I mean, this smile is not sarcastic at all...

He let me take one more though... please ignore the girl needing a shower in this one and just pay attention to how much Brian loves his sister.
Sunday brought me back to Kirkland for a Runday/Funday with Jif that was a little more Fun than Run.. actually no run - all fun. We swear that this coming Sunday will be different though!
What we did do was walk around Kirkland before meeting Janae for a beer and and the movie Burlesque. Ahhh loved the movie.. so cheesy and dancey, my perfect chick flick.

And I promised glitter.....

While "window shopping" Seduce Boutique in Kirkland, Jif and I decided that we probably needed to buy a couple new polishes. While she kept it chic with a great red, I couldn't help to grab the pink glitter. And I am oh so happy I did.
This is THE greatest nail polish I've seen in a long time and I am officially obsessed. "Rosie Lee" is my new bff and I love her very much. The picture really doesn't do it justice and I honestly can't stop looking at my super cute finger tips.

I feel like a mix between Katy Perry and Niki Minaj minus the weird outfits. Also it's pretty great how glitter polish stays on the nails - no chipping at all in the past three days... although I'll probably be cursing it when I try to take it off. For now though it's definitely staying on and I vow to go back to get the red glitter for the holidays. So fun!

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