Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Motivation

It's pretty well known that I've always enjoyed group fitness classes. Though my actual attendance to them can rise and fall depending on my state of mind, I know that they're there for me when I need a little more motivation to get my body moving.

Since it is clear to me that this week is going to be one of those low points in motivation, I thought I'd figure out a way to get my ass in gear.

My solution is to hereby, promise you, my four readers, that I will attend a different workout class each day this week. I'll be going to my favorites; some I've been a longtime follower of, as well as couple newbies.

The first is Step Aerobics - an oldie but goodie and my personal Monday favorite. Don't let the image of the late 80's/early 90's women in wrist bands fool you; these days Step is usually highly choreographed to a fun top 40 mix that challenges both your mind and body. A good instructor comes equipped with new moves and the latest tunes each week. And though it's mostly a cardio/stamina workout, by adding or subtracting risers, you'll definitely be changing up the muscle groups a bit.

Tonight's class is taught by Tim of 24hr Fitness. He is so freaking fun and it is obvious by his cult following that I'm not the only one who thinks so. I have to get to the gym by 6pm tonight just to get on the list and line up. Though it can be a turn off for some, it's still worth it and once he gets the music going, my energy rises and I smile because I know I'm in for a fun hour.

Equipment Needed:
Water Bottle
Cross Training Shoes (NO running shoes! you can easily twist an ankle)

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  1. I think committing to attend a different group ex class every day is a great way to combat a lack of motivation and to mix it up. I am horrendous at step - I have been known to get so lost in the choreography that I have left the class to go run on the treadmill. So embarrassing!

    But I totally agree that good (and fun) instructors make or break a class. Enjoy!